If you're in search of inspiration, this notepad might help.

Third edition. New colors, new patterns.

56 pages, dimensions 165 X 210 mm (6,5" X 8,33), softcover.

Designed and printed in Belgium on sustainable paper.


What if you had to pick only one colour to represent a historic event?

"Tints of History" is a time-travel book that lets you see 2,5 million years of history in 25 colors. The book has 62 pages. Softcover.


For many years I have been taking pictures of old murals and shop signs

made of beautiful derelict illustrations & typography in the streets of Brussels.

I designed this ebook to share them with you. Hope you'll enjoy the visit!


Flowers in the sky. 'Montgolfière' means hot air balloon in french. The 'Montgolfière' vase is my first 3D printed project. The vase is called the 'Montgolfière' vase after the Montgolfier brothers who invented the hot air balloon.


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